November cross country fixtures head to Cardiff and Newtown

Two major cross country events of the season were held within seven days of each other... as the British Athletics Cross Challenge Series got underway in the Welsh capital, whilst the combined Welsh Inter-Regional / Inter-Schools & Colleges / Urdd Primary School Races headed to mid Wales the following weekend.


British Athletics Cross Challenge Series / John H Collins Gwent Cross Country League - Llandaff Fields, Cardiff (Saturday 11th November)

The opening 2023/2024 British Athletics Cross Challenge Series leg was held in Wales (Cardiff Cross Challenge) along with the second of five John H Collins Gwent Cross Country League for runners of all ages on Saturday 11th November.

Llandaff Fields just north of the City alongside the River Taf attracted many of the UK's top endurance runners and club athletes from all over the United Kingdom to kick-start their winter competition, along with several international athletes.

For the third year in succession, this year's Cardiff Cross Challenge was the only World Athletics Cross Country Tour - Gold Standard fixture in the UK. It was streamed live on the day with commentary by broadcaster 247.tv.

watch the live feed (over 5 hours) back on-demand as it happened.

The course was a mixture of flat fast running as well as woodland and riverside sections, as distances varied from 1,250m for the novice youngsters up to 9,600m in the final event of the day for senior & master men.

Carmarthen Harriers club athletes, team managers, coaches and parents made the 120-mile round trip to Cardiff.

Well Done to all runners and thanks to all those who also travelled East to support.


Carmarthen Harriers - Results / Harriers Caerfyrddin - Canlyniadau:

The club results on the day were as follows / Canlyniadau y clwb ar dydd oedd:

Novice Girls / Merched o dan 11: Emily Evans-Williams (5:17); Gwenno Jones (5:44); Bethan Hampshire (5:47); Mared Rees (6:01); Teaghan Williams (6:24); Eira Vardill (6:27); Lliwen Fflur Schiavone (6:32);Tayla Williams (6:33); Isobel Walters (6:55); Ayla Jones (7:30); Eva Williams (7:35); Gwendoline Fitzpatrick (7:35); Skyla Fletcher (8:54)

Novice Boys / Bechgyn o dan 11: Dylan Williams (5:00); Jasper Davis (5:10); Steffan James (5:23); Dafydd Williams (5:36); Alfie Stopher (5:37); Efan Morgan (5:42); Macsen Davies (5:44); Gwern Ceian Schiavone (6:40); Owen Thomas (7:05)

Under 13 Girls / Merched o dan 13: Lowri Morgan (11:15); Beca Elfyn (11:47); Paige-lily Williams (12:00); Mali Griffiths (13:07); Aeronwy Morgan-Fisher (13:28); Cerys Fitzpatrick (14:54)

Under 13 Boys / Bechgyn o dan 13: Tomos Cai Davies (10:17); Gethin Thomas (10:50); Max Edwards (13:25)

Under 15 Girls / Merched o dan 15: Amelia Williams (11:29); Nansi Griffiths (12:37); Sali Owen (12:48); Anastasia Eggleston-Stoker (14:19); Esme Lynock (14:28); Scarlett Richards (14:45)

Under 15 Boys / Bechgyn o dan 15: Sam Griffiths (10:47); Tom Bridger (11:54); Jimmy Davis (12:36); Ianto Lloyd (13:20); Luke Owen (14:06);

Under 17 Women / Merched o dan 17: Carys Wood (21:26)

Under 17 Men / Bechgyn o dan 17: Iwan Thomas (17:51); Finley Bruce (18:57); Ifan Bowen (19:02); Joshua Barnett (19:31); Macsen Toogood (19:36); Jake Lynock (19:54)

Under 20 Women / Merched o dan 20: Jessica Hyland (17:41)

Under 20 Men / Bechgyn o dan 20: Steffan Davies (24:10)

Senior Men / Dynion: Huw Davies (45:35)

The British Athletics Cross Challenge Series continues through to March 2024 with a trip to Liverpool next on 25th November (which hosts the European Cross Country Championship trials). Scotland and London host in the New Year before the finale at the UK Inter-Counties Championships at Loughborough.

The John H Collins Gwent Cross Country League programme is set to visit Blaise Castle, Bristol followed by rounds four and five at Margam Park and Pontypool Park respectively in February and March.

RESULTS/CANLYNIADAU: British Athletics Cross Challenge Series (Cardiff Cross Challenge)

RESULTS/CANLYNIADAU: John H Collins Gwent Cross Country League Fixture 3 (Pembrey Country Park, Llanelli)



Welsh Inter Schools and Colleges Cross Country Championships / Welsh Inter Regional Cross Country Championships / Urdd Primary School Races - Dolerw Park, Newtown (Saturday 18th November)

Saturday 18th November saw pupils at Welsh secondary schools and colleges from all eight Welsh Districts - Afan Nedd Tawe, Cardiff & Vale, Dyfed, Eryri, Glamorgan Valleys, North East Wales, Powys and South East Wales travel to a new venue for the annual event - Dolerw Park in Newtown.

The 46th Welsh Inter Schools and Colleges Cross Country Championships and the 24th edition of the Welsh Inter Regional Cross Country Championships combined into a joint fixture for the fourth time.

Regional vests were up for grabs as West Wales selected teams in each of the junior (U13-U20), senior and master age groups.

Two primary school races in conjunction with Urdd Gobaith Cymru were also held at the beginning of the programme for boys and girls in years 3,4,5 and 6.

32 club athletes made the long journey to mid Wales to represent the region, West Wales and/or their Dyfed secondary/primary school on Saturday at Newtown.


Carmarthen Harriers - Results / Harriers Caerfyrddin - Canlyniadau:

The club results on the day were as follows / Canlyniadau y clwb ar dydd oedd:

Primary School Girls Year 5-6: Tayla Williams (7:03)

Primary School Boys Year 5-6: Jasper Davis (4:37); Dylan Williams (4:50); Dafydd Williams (5:03); Macsen Davies (5:09)

Under 13 Girls: Lowri Morgan (9:59); Beca Elfyn (10:37); Paige-lily Williams (10:38); Eva Davies (11:04); Mali Griffiths (11:19); Honey Davis (12:21)

Under 13 Boys: Tomos Cai Davies (9:02); Gethin Thomas (9:54); Michael Thomas (10:30)

Under 15 Girls: Amelia Williams (13:55); Sali Owen (15:12); Nansi Griffiths (15:25); Meadow Norris (16:45); Scarlett Richards (16:57); Anastasia Eggleston-Stoker (17:17)

Under 15 Boys: Sam Griffiths (12:45); Jimmy Davis (14:19); Luke Owen (14:49); Ianto Lloyd (14:58)

Under 17 & 20 Women: Jessica Hyland (22:50); Megan Thomas (29:20)

Under 17 & 20 Men: Ifan Bowen (20:25); Joshua Barnett (21:00); Steffan Davies (21:04); Macsen Toogood (21:09); Jake Lynock (21:45)

Senior Men: Huw Davies (46:04)

Ysgolion cynradd Sir Gar wedi ei cynrhychioli yn trawsgwlad cynradd blwyddyn 3, 4, 5 a 6 Chwaraeon yr Urdd yn Y Drenewydd: Ysgol Nantgaredig, St Michaels School, Ysgol Carreg Hirfaen, St Mary's School, Ysgol Teilo Sant, Llandovery College, Ysgol Saron

Dyfed Secondary Schools & colleges entered in the inter schools championships at Newtown: Ysgol Bro Myrddin, Ysgol Dyffryn Taf, Ysgol Gyfun Aberaeron, Ysgol Penweddig, Ysgol Bro Pedr, Ysgol Greenhill, Ysgol Henri Tudur, Redhill High School

RESULTS/CANLYNIADAU: Welsh Inter-Regional Cross Country Championships 2023

RESULTS/CANLYNIADAU: Welsh Inter-Schools & Colleges Cross Country Championships 2023