Carmarthen Athletics Track hosts the 2023 West Wales Regional Athletics Championships

The weekend of Saturday 13th May and Sunday 14th saw all four Welsh regions host their respective athletics championships across three venues in South, West and North Wales- (Aberdare, Carmarthen & Wrexham) 

The West Wales Regional Athletics Championships was held at the home of Carmarthen Harriers, at the Leisure Centre Athletics Track in Johnstown on Sunday.

It was open to athletes from the under 13, under 15, under 17, under 20 and senior age groups. Offering every track and field event on the day (61 events), there was another big turnout of 262 competitors from the region's clubs, which incorporated the South & East Wales 1000m Walk and 1500m Steeplechase.

Thank you to all the officials, officers and club volunteers who assisted on event day to ensure that the event was a success.

Forty-two Carmarthen Harriers members took part in the championships at their home track.

In total, forty-two medals were won throughout the day and numerous personal bests achieved as the athletes took advantage of local competition opportunities.

Jessica Lee (High Jump - 1.67m), Beatrice Morgan (200m - 26.04) and Iwan Thomas (1500m Steeplechase - 4:28.38) were confirmed as new championship best performances in 2023.

Well done to everyone who entered and competed! Da iawn i'r rhai wnaeth cofrestru a cystadlu!

Carmarthen Harriers Full Results List - West Wales Regional Athletics Championships 2023

Seren Bowen: 100m (16.04); 70m Hurdles (15.59); High Jump (1.05m)

Eva Davies: 800m (2:37.50)

Paige-lily Williams: 800m (2:59.97); Javelin (8.48m)

Lowri Morgan: 1500m (5:16.08)

Mali Griffiths: 1500m (6:16.17)

Anest Jones: 100m (13.88); 200m (32.94)

Jessica Hughes: 100m (14.27); 200m (30.46)

Amelia Seren James: 100m (14.78)

Rose Edwards: 100m (15.30)

Summer Evans: Discus (22.69m); Shot (7.63m); Javelin (28.06m)

Beatrice Morgan: 200m (26.04); Long Jump (5.03m)

Macy Blue: 800m (2:36.10); Long Jump (3.48m); Javelin (18.22m)

Esme Lynock: 800m (2:44.33)

Nansi Griffiths: 1500m (5:13.31)

Scarlett Richards: 1500m (5:44.16)

Amelia Williams: 3000m (10:38.41)

Chloe Thomas: Discus (15.14m); Shot (9.00m)

Ellimay Williams: 100m (13.14); 200m (27.39m)

Frances Mackie: 800m (2:33.71); 1500m Steeplechase (5:56.94)

Megan Thomas: 800m (2:37.14)

Greta McKane: 800m (2:56.62)

Luned Defis: High Jump (1.47m)

Dolly Evans: Discus (26.35m)

Mia Lloyd: Discus (12.94m)

Sara Jones: Discus (6.98m); Shot (3.75m)

Sophia Reid-Thomas: 100m (13.42); 200m (27.44)

Ellie Loweth: 100m (13.61); 200m (31.76)

Jessica Lee: 100m Hurdles (15.20); High Jump (1.67m); Javelin (22.53m)

Storm Evans: Discus (40.41m)


Dion Rees Jones: 100m (16.90); Javelin (18.19m)

Gethin Mason: 75m Hurdles (17.71); Long Jump (2.70m)

Tomos Cai Davies: 200m (30.93); 800m (2:25.56)

Gethin Thomas: 800m (2:41.69)

Maximus Edwards: 800m (3:10.43); Long Jump (2.70m)

Harri Blue: High Jump (1.10m); Long Jump (3.30m); Javelin (19.62m)

Buddy Evans: Discus (23.93m); Javelin (21.54m); Shot (8.30m)

Sam Griffiths: 1500m (4:29.59)

Toby Anthony: 1500m (4:54.45)

Tygan Davies: 200m (24.57); 400m (52.84)

Joshua Barnett: 3000m (9:47.74)

Iwan Thomas: 1500m Steeplechase (4:28.38)

Jake Lynock: 1500m Steeplechase (5:04.70)


Click here for the full results link (OpenTrack)