Vinco Sport provide excellent coverage of cross country, indoor and track and field fixtures

It has been a busy summer and a year in general for the Vinco Sport team who have covered track and field, cross country and indoor events across the United Kingdom live online.

A few of these included matches in Wales, such as the Welsh Athletics Senior Indoor Championships (Cardiff), combined British Men's League Premiership and Division 1 first match (Swansea), Welsh Athletics Outdoor Senior Championships (Cardiff) and the Welsh Athletics Outdoor International (Cardiff) towards the end of the summer season.

Vinco Sport are a team who provide online coverage of athletics meets up and down the country, whether it is a cross country, indoor or the track and field season. Using a team of camera operators, content producer, commentators, graphics producer, video editor, vision mixer and a general content manager, they are able to cover everything that's happening from the day, from different camera shots to results on screen, to race commentators to replays.

You can watch all these events back again as it happened at https://www.runjumpthrow.com/coverage/- scroll down and search the event, you might even see someone you know! The archive goes back many seasons.

Visit https://www.runjumpthrow.com/articles to go to the Vinco Sport Website, where you can read up on articles.

Stay tuned for much more coverage from the team over the year that's to come. Follow across social media on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @VincoSport.