Stunning September Evening in the sunshine at the 2019 Carmarthenshire Primary Schools Cross Country Championships in Nantyci

The cross country season in West Wales got off to an excellent start on Thursday with another fantastic turn out in Carmarthen at the 2019 Carmarthenshire Primary Schools Cross Country Championships, now in its 32nd edition.

Following the Welsh Athletics Road Relays Championships at Pembrey Country Park last Sunday, attention next turned four days later down the A484 to Carmarthen and the United Counties Showground in Nantyci on Thursday 19th September. This was the second big event in Carmarthenshire in the space of a week for members and runners of Carmarthen Harriers and Llanelli AC in a short period of time.

The 32nd Carmarthenshire Schools Cross Country Championships was once again organised by Dr Hedydd Davies and sponsored by McDonalds and Welsh Athletics. The club's partnership with McDonalds has grown year and year, and resulted in the club being awarded the Welsh Athletics partnership award for this reason three years ago.

Ron Mounsey, Owner of McDonalds has been a great supporter of school athletics and cross country in Dyfed for a number of years and said: "We at McDonalds were very pleased and proud to once again be sponsoring the Carmarthenshire Primary Schools Cross Country Championships.

"It is a privilege to see so many young children in the county of Carmarthenshire taking part in sport and having a great time."

A total of over 1,061 runners (see below for individual race numbers) from more than 40 Carmarthenshire primary schools descended on the outskirts of Carmarthen to compete in the annual cross-country championships. The car park was full, hot and cold food quickly sold and plenty of local talent out on show.

It gave youngsters in four school year groups the opportunity to get involved in running and enjoy the race experience alongside their school friends, whether they were experienced club runners or trying out cross country for the very first time - that's what the event was all about, everyone having the chance to take part and having fun regardless of finishing position!

It was the first time that the championships was held in two years following the unfortunate postponement last September due to the adverse weather conditions. This time round, the sun was shining brightly with a clear blue sky and temperatures were up in the high teens. What a difference a year makes!

At the beginning of a new campaign, it followed on from the exciting Dyfed Primary Schools Cross Country and Athletics Championships held at the beginning of April and middle of May 2019 as children from Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire descended on the Showground fields and the Leisure Centre athletics track last time.

Watching on was local Llanfynydd athlete, Dewi Griffiths who began his running career as events such as this in Carmarthenshire. Dewi by now is a Wales and Great Britain International and continues to inspire the next generation here in West Wales.

He said: "It was a pleasure to see so many young children having fun and being active. Everyone should be proud of their effort tonight. Congratulations to everyone regardless where you finished."

A total of eight races was on offer for the spectators during the evening's programme, with the year 3 and year 4's completing 2 large laps whilst the year 5 and year 6's had an extra small lap at the beginning. The finish was situated right in front of the main grandstand, where it provided an ideal opportunity for the hundreds of supporters to cheer and encourage the youngsters on.

The youngsters taking part were supported excellently by year 7, year 8 and year 9 endurance runners at Carmarthen Harriers who helped out as hares and back markers to ensure that everyone got to the finish line. A great job was done by the team of ten: Jack Thomas, Amy Greatrick, Erin Morgan, Ifan Bowen, Jake Lynock, Macsen Toogood, Frances Mackie, Steffan Davies, Rogan Cox and Alex Coles who took the lead in all eight races and were more than happy to help.

More than 100 individual and team medals were presented to the first ten in each race and the first three teams. On completion of the competition, awards were made by special guests invited to attend which were Ron Mounsey (sponsors at McDonalds), Graham Finlayson (Vice President of Welsh Athletics), Miriam Moules (Carmarthen Town Sheriff) and Dewi Griffiths (Wales and Great Britain International athlete)

As in previous years, there were team awards up for grabs with three finishers to score from each school. In the team competition, there were four different school winners:

Ysgol Y Dderwen, Ysgol Nantgaredig, Ysgol Llangadog and Ysgol Griffith Jones

Pupils from Ysgol Y Dderwen were again on top form in the cross country and continued their outstanding success in the team categories, winning three out of the eight available. As a result, the Carmarthen school were announced as the overall Carmarthenshire school shield winners, defending their joint title won in 2017 with Ysgol Griffith Jones. The shield was presented to the youngsters by Finlayson. Congratulations / Llongyfarchiadau!


Race by Race Top 10 Individuals & Top 10 School Teams / 10 unigolyn cyntaf a 10 timau ysgol wrth Blwyddyn Ysgol

With such big numbers in all of the races again this year, the top 12 individuals were recorded at the finish line as well as the top 10 school teams. All children were given their finishing ticket on the line and can compare them to the number of finishers listed below.

Year 3 Girls / Merched Blwyddyn 3

1. Megan Wyn Evans (Cynnwyl Elfed) 4:19

2. Lea Gwen Davies (Cynnwyl Elfed) 4:21

3. Erin Clark (Y Dderwen) 4:22

4. Cadi Efan Morris (Y Dderwen) 4:24

5. Manon Phillips (Peniel) 4:28

6. Sara Mai Harries (Teilo Sant) 4:29

7. Erin James (Llangadog) 4:34

8. Mabli King (Bro Brynach) 4:36

9. Lola Griffiths (Cae'r Felin) 4:41

10. Cerys Moore (Rhys Pritchard) 4:43

11. Summer Spure (Griffith Jones) 4:45

12. Isla Warrender (Plascrug) 4:46



1. Y Dderwen - 21pts

2. Gorslas - 67pts

3. Iau Llangennech - 90pts

4. Swiss Valley - 140pts

5. Griffith Jones - 173pts

6. Penygaer - 178pts

7. Dewi Sant - 201pts

8. Y Castell - 245pts

9. Llandybie - 261pts

10. Llangynnwr - 275pts


Year 3 Boys / Bechgyn Blwyddyn 3

1. Noa Jac Thomas (Y Dderwen) 3:54

2. Miles Hayhurst (Glanyfferi) 4:06

3. Gwion Davies (Griffith Jones) 4:07

4. Liam Wrae (Llys Hywel) 4:12

5. Mason Legrice (Llys Hywel) 4:14

6. Jayden Furgess (Saron) 4:15

7. Leighton Davies (Carreg Hirfaen) 4:18

8. Cai Ellis Rees (Llanddarog) 4:20

9. Buddy Evans (Peniel) 4:22

10. Cian Murphy (Gymraeg Rhydaman) 4:23

11. Osian Davies (Gymraeg Rhydaman) 4:24

12. Owen Davies (Rhys Pritchard) 4:25



1. Y Dderwen - 41pts

2. Griffith Jones - 51pts

3. Gymraeg Rhydaman - 55pts

4. Cefneithin - 74pts

5. Model - 90pts

6. Hendy - 106pts

7. Swiss Valley - 142pts

8. Iau Llangennech - 146pts

9. Llangynnwr - 178pts

10. Burry Port - 301pts

11. Penygaer - 302pts


Year 4 Girls / Merched Blwyddyn 4

1. Eva Davies (Llanybydder) 3:51

2. Seren Bowen (Y Dderwen) 4:01

3. Ffion Jones (Llangadog) 4:03

4. Alice Craddock (Llandybie) 4:04

5. Lowri Morgan (Llangadog) 4:07

6. Alice Edwards (Model) 4:10

7. Celyn Adams (Gymraeg Rhydaman) 4:15

8. Celyn Thomas (Llys Hywel) 4:16

9. Maisie Foster (Llys Hywel) 4:16

10. Macy Smith (Parcyrhun) 4:18

11. Phoebe Evans (Johnstown) 4:19

12. Maddie Williams (Swiss Valley) 4:19



1. Llangadog - 27pts

2. Swiss Valley - 74pts

3. Griffith Jones - 94pts 

4. Y Dderwen - 94pts

5. Llangynnwr - 121pts

6. Model - 121pts

7. Gymraeg Rhydaman - 123pts

8. Johnstown - 128pts

9. Llandybie - 141pts

10. Parcyrhun - 179pts


Year 4 Boys / Bechgyn Blwyddyn 4

1. Rhys Jones (Nantgaredig) 3:41

2. Osian Thomas (Y Dderwen) 3:45

3. Harry Thomas (Gwenllian) 3:48

4. Llew Rees (Llangadog) 3:50

5. Iestyn Jones (Gymraeg Rhydaman) 3:51

6. Roman Nabil (Y Castell) 3:53

7. Lucas Douglas (Dewi Sant) 3:54

8. Freddie Corfield (Ffwrnes) 3:55

9. Jacob Wilkins (Y Dderwen) 3:55

10. Cai Davies (Nantgaredig) 3:58

11. Owen Jenkins (Nantgaredig) 3:59

12. Dyfan James (Llandybie) 4:00



1. Nantgaredig - 22pts

2. Y Dderwen - 32pts

3. Gymraeg Rhydaman - 37pts

4. Dewi Sant - 61pts

5. Y Castell - 70pts

6. Llangynnwr - 105pts

7. Teilo Sant - 145pts

8. Parc Y Tywyn - 137

9. Llandybie - 176pts

10. Gwenllian - 179pts



Year 5 Girls / Merched Blwyddyn 5

1. Esme Lynock (Llangadog) 5:17

2. Evie Pearce (Iau Llangennech) 5:23

3. Summer Evans (Peniel) 5:25

4. Grace Fraser-Jones (Llangynnwr) 5:27

5. Gwenan Jones (Y Dderwen) 5:31

6. Anna Jones (Y Dderwen) 5:34

7. Martha Bowen (Y Dderwen) 5:35

8. Chelsea Lewis (Y Bedol) 5:40

9. Stephanie Barrett (Abernant) 5:45

10. Cali Seren Evans (Beca) 5:45

11. Lily Alice Hughes (Teilo Sant) 5:46

12. Grace Toogood (Teilo Sant) 5:46



1. Y Dderwen - 18pts

2. Iau Llangennech - 43pts

3. Bro Brynach - 70pts

4. Teilo Sant - 71pts

5. Llangynnwr - 85pts

6. Y Castell - 110pts

7. Griffith Jones - 120pts

8. Hendy - 159pts

9. Dewi Sant - 167pts

10.Parc Y Tywyn - 218pts


Year 5 Boys / Bechgyn Blwyddyn 5

1. Joe Lawrence (Bynea) 4:57

2. Tomos Jones (Griffith Jones) 4:58

3. Ashton Williams (Pembrey) 5:07

4. Dewi Williams (Llandovery Prep) 5:09

5. William Harnett-Jones (Llandovery Prep) 5:14

6. Ioan Thomas (Dewi Sant) 5:16

7. Tyler Barwell (Y Bedol) 5:18

8. Ryan Rees (Iau Llangennech) 5:21

9. Ryan Williams (Griffith Jones) 5:24

10. William Macs Morgan (Peniel) 5:25

11. Dafydd Davies (Llangynnwr) 5:27

12. Ollie Tatton-Carter (Griffith Jones) 5:27



1. Griffith Jones - 23pts

2. Iau Llangennech - 79pts

3. Dewi Sant - 95pts

4. Gwenllian - 116pts

5. Gymraeg Rhydaman - 134pts

6. Llandovery Prep - 138pts

7. Llannon - 152pts

8. Llandybie - 170pts

9. Y Dderwen - 172pts

10. Parc Y Tywyn - 179pts


Year 6 Girls / Merched Blwyddyn 6

1. Jessica Norman (Llansteffan) 5:02

2. Soffia-Mai Davies (Nantgaredig) 5:12

3. Martha Morgan (Teilo Sant) 5:19

4. Nia Seren Thomas (Nantgaredig) 5:24

5. Erin Powell (Model) 5:24

6. Tirion Yate (Dewi Sant) 5:26

7. Macy Blue (Y Dderwen) 5:28

8. Beatrice Morgan (Llangadog) 5:29

9. Lotti Thomas (Griffith Jones) 5:32

10. Chloe Rudge (Griffith Jones) 5:32

11. Adrianna Sopos (Swiss Valley) 5:35

12. Jessica Hughes (Llangynnwr) 5:36



1. Griffith Jones - 33pts

2. Swiss Valley - 39pts

3. Y Dderwen - 51pts

4. Nantgaredig - 95pts

5. Iau Llangennech - 102pts

6. Llandovery Prep - 125pts

7. Dewi Sant - 131pts

8. Parc Y Tywyn - 179pts

9. Penygaer - 198pts

10. Burry Port - 301pts


Year 6 Boys / Bechgyn Blwyddyn 6

1. William Coles (Llangadog) 4:33

2. Gwilym Jac Jones (Nantgaredig) 4:39

3. Sam Griffiths (Llangynnwr) 4:47

4. Oscar Facciuto-Edwards (Bynea) 4:57

5. Noa Prendiville (Iau Llangennech) 4:59

6. Joseph Harrington (Dewi Sant) 5:00

7. Tristan Warrender (Plascrug) 5:03

8. Nic John (Griffith Jones) 5:04

9. Ceiran Jones (Y Dderwen) 5:08

10. Joseph Thomas (Llansteffan) 5:12

11. Wil Davies (Nantgaredig) 5:15

12. Liam Walters (Y Castell) 5:15



1. Nantgaredig - 38pts

2. Y Dderwen - 57pts

3. Griffith Jones - 64pts

4. Dewi Sant - 65pts

5. Iau Llangennech - 87pts

6. Y Bedol - 88pts

7. Swiss Valley - 107pts

8. Burry Port - 124pts

9. Llandovery Prep - 171pts

10. Llannon - 188pts


Number of Finishers / Nifer wedi Gorffen:

Year 3 Boys / Bechgyn Blwyddyn 3: 138

Year 3 Girls / Merched Blwyddyn 3: 137

Year 4 Boys / Bechgyn Blwyddyn 4: 168

Year 4 Girls / Merched Blwyddyn 4: 145

Year 5 Boys / Bechgyn Blwyddyn 5: 129

Year 5 Girls / Merched Blwyddyn 5: 124

Year 6 Boys / Bechgyn Blwyddyn 6: 103

Year 6 Girls / Merched Blwyddyn 6: 117




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Many thanks to everyone who contributed and ensured that the championships were a successful one in front of and behind the scenes, including all the following: 

United Counties Showground Management,

Hedydd & Eiddwen Davies,

Andrew Jenkins West Wales Network Officer,

Ysgol Griffith Jones, Ysgol Llangynnwr, Ysgol Nantgaredig, Ysgol Y Dderwen staff and David Harris on administration duties,

St John Ambulance Carmarthen,

Carmarthen Tywi Rotary Club & Friends for marshalling the car park,

Cegin Fach Y Wlad and Cambrian Ice Cream for providing refreshments,

Andrew Bufton Public Address,

Carmarthen Harriers / Pembrokeshire Harriers / Welsh Athletics event marshals: Pete Freeman, Steven Ouseley, Roy Adams, Jake Morgan, Edward Morgan, Graham Finlayson, Andrew Jenkins, Richard Jones, David Toogood, Richard Warrender, Jonathan Cox and Kathryn Jones



Event Reporter & Photos: Nathan Jones