Starting Blocs - introduce children 4-9 years old to the sport of athletics

Have you heard of Starting Blocs? It's all about getting 4 - 9 year old's physically active through fun athletics games and activities that can be done at home, powered by Welsh Athletics Ltd..

Children will learn the key movement skills needed for a life in sport, in a safe and positive environment, through games that are designed to teach children the foundations of running, jumping, and throwing.

You can register here https://www.startingblocs.co.uk/activities/

On the Facebook and Twitter pages, you can find some fun challenges and games that youngsters can play demonstrated in full and posted on a weekly basis.


👍 Find out more about Starting Blocs by going to https://www.startingblocs.co.uk/

👍 Darganfyddwch fwy am Starting Blocs trwy fynd i https://www.startingblocs.co.uk/