Carmarthen Harriers performances and achievements over the years in the London Mini Marathon, SIAB Schools, Celtic Games, Awards & More

We have added a number of documents recently which look back at Carmarthen Harriers performances, results and achievements over the last 40 years including the London Mini Marathon, SIAB Schools International Athletics, Welsh Junior League Final, Celtic Games International, Welsh Championship table, Carmarthenshire Sports Personality Awards, Carmarthen Town Awards and Major events to be held in Carmarthenshire.



- In the period 2004 - 2019 Carmarthen Harriers have had 71 members competing for Welsh Schools or Wales (2019) at the Virgin Money Giving London Mini Marathon for under 13, under 15 and under 17 age groups.

Carmarthen Harriers members representing Wales at the London Mini Marathon

- 134 Carmarthen Harriers athletes since 2004 have competed for Welsh schools in the SIAB schools international athletics match.

Carmarthen Harriers members competed for Welsh Schools at the SIAB Schools Athletics International match

- Results of Carmarthen Harriers team in the Welsh Junior League Cup Final

Carmarthen And District Harriers Athletics Club And The Welsh Junior League

Carmarthen Harriers and the Celtic Games (Athletics), Since 2003 88 Carmarthen Harriers competed in the Games with 34 winners

Carmarthen Harriers members at the Celtic Games (Athletics)

Summary of the performances of Carmarthen Harriers athletes in the Welsh championships between 2004 and 2010

Carmarthen Harriers and Welsh Athletics Championships medal table (Wilkinson Trophy)

- Since 1998 Carmarthen Harriers members have won 36 main and 48 runner up Carmarthenshire Sports Personality annual awards

Carmarthen Harriers winners & runners-up of main Carmarthenshire Sports Personality Awards

- Carmarthen Harriers members have picked up 62 main award winners and 50 runners up awards at the Carmarthen Town Sports awards since 1982

Carmarthen Harriers and the Carmarthen Town Awards winners & runners-up

- Carmarthen Harriers captains since 2004

Carmarthen Harriers captains since 2004

64 major events in Carmarthen and Carmarthenshire since 1949

Major events hosted by Carmarthen and District Harriers athletics Club in Carmarthen and Carmarthenshire

- Results of the last Welsh Championships to be held on the Carmarthen Track in 2010; 26 medals- 10 gold, 12 silver and 4 bronze

Welsh Under 17 and Under 20 Championships in Carmarthen on Saturday 10 July 2010

Dyfed Schools and the Welsh secondary schools cross country championships

Dyfed Schools and the Welsh Schools Athletics Championships


Latest Carmarthen Harriers Club Records, Internationals and Harriers Indoor & Outdoor Medallists/documents are published now on https://www.carmarthenharriers.co.uk/about-us/ under the club individual and team success tab... updated to June/July 2020

In addition, you can now find out more about the club's Welsh Athletics Roll of Honour, Club Honours Board and the Welsh All-Time List up to present.

It is great to see so many medallists, records and Welsh vests won across all age groups and disciplines over many years! Mae'r dyfodol yn edrych yn dda.

Many thanks / Diolch yn fawr to Club President Hedydd Davies for getting all these documents together and keeping them updated.