Carmarthen Harriers Club Officers & Club Coaches 2019: Who's Who & Role / Discipline?

Carmarthen Harriers cannot run without volunteers and we are very lucky to have a team of committed officers, brilliant officials and qualified coaches who volunteer and help in all aspects either on a weekly, monthly or casual basis.

Who's Who? Below is a list of the 2019-2020 Club Officers and our Tuesday and Thursday club coaches and their discipline with experiences and expertise in all of the track and field events and cross country.

If you are interested in volunteering at the club, please get in touch. MEET THE TEAM:


2019-2020 CLUB OFFICERS:

President: Hedydd Davies MBE

Chairman: Jake Morgan

Vice Chair: Neil Thomas

Secretary & Membership Secretary: Cressy Morgan

Treasurer: Richard Jones

Welfare Officers: David Toogood & Kate Parker

Coach Coordinators: Neil Thomas (Track) & Ralph Siggery (Field)

Communications, Media & IT: Nathan Jones

Gate: Kathryn Jones

Officials Coordinator: Alison Thomas

Catering Manager & Fund Raising: Edward Morgan

Team Managers: Kathryn Jones, Keighley John, Cressy Morgan & Jamie Best




Neil Thomas - Endurance

David Toogood - Endurance

Carol Jones - Endurance

Delyth Brown - Endurance

Kevin Evans - Endurance

Jake Morgan - Sprints

Steve Perks - Sprints

Jane Batten - Hurdles, Sprints and Jumps

Lee Sloyan - Run, Jump, Throw

Simon Mansfield - Sprints, Throws and Jumps

Ralph Siggery - Throws (Javelin)

Alison Phillips - Throws (Javelin)

Alan Walker - Throws (Shot)

Claire Williams - Throws (Discus & Hammer)

Emyr Jones - Pole Vault


If you have a question or interest in your child becoming a member, please email secretary.carmarthenharriers@hotmail.com.

For media related enquires, please email nathanjones1995@live.co.uk