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All the action & round-up from this year's Brianne Schools cross country league.

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Carmarthen Harrier Athletes clean sweep of all age groups as Dyffryn Aman prove to be the best overall school.
In the final cross country event of the season Carmarthen Harriers dominated all the age groups winning every race on the final day of the 4 race series.
In the year 7 races Daisy Thompson and Liam Edwards dominated from the start to win comfortably. Close behind Liam was Dyfryn Aman's Jac Chapman who took the overall league win for his school. In year 8 Maddie Morgan won her race by 100 metres dominating from the off- in the boys Iwan Glynn won the race comfortably with the two Bro Myrddin runners winning the  year group league competition for their schools. In the year 9/10 races Bro Dinefr's Non Morgan won for the girls with Dyffryn Aman's Tomos Rees winning for the boys to consolidate both Harriers positions at the top of the table.
In the inter school event Dyffryn Aman once again proved that putting out full teams and having strength In Depth is the key as they beat Bro Dinefwr to the top spot for a fine win for the eighth consecutive year.


Year 7 Girls

Dyffryn Aman
Safle/Position Enw/ Name Ysgol/ School
1 Daisy Thompson Bro Myrddin
2 Phoebe Davis Bro Dinefwr
3 Kasia Cook Llandovery College
4 Catrin Price Bro Dinefwr
5 Ellie Loweth QE High
6 Megan Roberts Dyffryn Aman
7 Ella Morgan Bro Dinefwr
8 Anna Williams Bro Dinefwr
9 Mattea Morgan Bro Dinefwr
10 Olivia Thomas Bro Dinefwr
11 Reece Lovell Bro Dinefwr
12 Ela Morris Dyffryn Aman
13 Nia Williams Dyffryn Aman
14 Lowri Gibson Dyffryn Aman
15 Kasey Hutchings Dyffryn Aman
16 Adreanna Ernest QE High
17 Willow Smith QE High
18 Eden Blake Dyffryn Aman
19 Ellie Davies Bro Dinefwr
20 Yana Hopkins Dyffryn Aman
21 Carys Williams Dyffryn Aman
22 Jessica Davies QE High
23 Maya Knuckles QE High
24 Zena Jones Dyffryn Aman
25 Molly James Dyffryn Taf
26 Phoebe Harry Dyffryn Taf
27 Sophie Jones Dyffryn Aman
28 Seren Williams Dyffryn Aman
29 Emily Price Dyffryn Aman
30 Ffion Webb Dyffryn Aman


Year 7 Boys

Dyffryn Aman
Safle/Position Enw/ Name Ysgol/ School
1 Liam Edwards Bro Myrddin
2 Jac Chapman Dyffryn Aman
3 Cian Williams Dyffryn Aman
4 Dafydd Jones Bro Myrddin
5 Sion Evans Dyffryn Aman
6 Jayden Evans Dyffryn Aman
7 Sam Griffiths Dyffryn Taf
8 Morgan Batten Dyffryn Taf
9 Morgan Thomas Dyffryn Aman
10 Steffan Thomas Bro Dinefwr
11 Matthew Miles Dyffryn Taf
12 Ismal Aslam Dyffryn Aman
13 Cian Jones Dyffryn Aman
14 Harry Thomas Dyffryn Aman
15 Rhys Jones Bro Dinefwr
16 Lucca Setaro Dyffryn Taf
17 Gabriel Rose Dyffryn Aman
18 Ryan Brenchley Dyffryn Taf
19 Steffan Williams Dyffryn Aman
20 Jayden Leefe Dyffryn Taf
21 Rhys Davies Dyffryn Taf
22 Tyler Bird Bro Dinefwr
23 Aifion Williams Dyffryn Aman
24 Rhys Nicholas Dyffryn Taf


Year 8 Girls

Dyffryn Aman
Safle/ Position Enw/ Name Ysgol/ School
1 Maddie Morgan Bro Myrddin
2 Kira Gallenders Dyffryn Aman
3 Megan Jones Bro Myrddin
4 Ffion Jones Dyffryn Aman
5 Kayleigh Herbert Dyffryn Aman
6 Bryony Powell Bro Dinefwr
7 Nell Edwards Dyffryn Aman
8 Elouise Jenkins Dyffryn Taf
9 Caitlin Hearne Dyffryn Aman
10 Louise Mear Dyffryn Taf
11 Jessica Holton Dyffryn Aman
12 Celyn Barnett Dyffryn Aman
13 Carys Morris Dyffryn Aman
14 Flavia Jenkins Dyffryn Taf
15 Elin Hendra Dyffryn Aman
16 Saoli Salmon-Hall Dyffryn Taf
17 Roxanna D QE High
18 Lydia Higgins Dyffryn Taf
19 Courtney McDowall Dyffryn Taf


Year 8 Boys

Dyffryn Aman
Safle/ Position Enw/Name Ysgol/ School
1 Iwan Glynn Bro Myrddin
2 Deian Morgan Bro Myrddin
3 Bedwyr Thomas Bro Myrddin
4 Reuben Williams Bro Dinefwr
5 Dafydd Owen-Edwards Dyffryn Taf
6 Owen Phillips Bro Dinefwr
7 Jac Doel Bro Dinefwr
8 Tom Ellis Bro Dinefwr
9 Oliver Thomas Bro Dinefwr
10 Adam Packer Dyffryn Aman
11 Harvey Pace Dyffryn Taf
12 Oscar Jenkins Dyffryn Aman
13 Osian Richards Bro Dinefwr
14 George Walters Dyffryn Taf
15 Rhydian Evans Dyffryn Aman
16 Dylan Sampson Dyffryn Aman
17 Joshua Watkins Bro Dinefwr
18 Rhydian Tiddy Bro Dinefwr
19 Lewis Gibbins Bro Dinefwr
20 Cameron Owens Dyffryn Taf
21 Kyle Owens Dyffryn Taf
22 Harry Morgan Dyffryn Aman
23 Ffin Watkins Dyffryn Aman


Year 9/10 Girls

Dyffryn Aman
Safle/ Position Enw/Name Ysgol/School
1 Non Morgan Bro Dinefwr
2 Lani Hogben Dyffryn Taf
3 Cerys Davies Bro Myrddin
4 Lowri Rowlands Bro Dinefwr
5 Eva Edwards Bro Myrddin
6 Emily Shawyer Bro Dinefwr
7 Taylor McArthur Dyffryn Taf
8 Seren Power Bro Dinefwr
9 Nieve Jenkins Dyffryn Taf
10 Chloe Hands Dyffryn Aman
11 Isobel Gowman QE High
12 Kaitlyn Richards Dyffryn Aman


Year 9/10 Boys

Dyffryn Aman
Safle/Position Enw/Name Ysgol/School
1 Tomos Rees Dyffryn Aman
2 Guto Dafydd Bro Myrddin
3 Nathaniel Harries Dyffryn Aman
4 Callum Lovatt Dyffryn Aman
5 Trystan Leech Dyffryn Aman
6 Charlie Bell Bro Dinefwr
7 Cian Roberts Dyffryn Aman
8 Macsen Llywelyn Dyffryn Aman
9 Sean Howells Bro Dinefwr
10 William Thompson Bro Myrddin
11 Rhys Evans Dyffryn Aman
12 Rhys Roberts Dyffryn Aman
13 Josh Davies Dyffryn Taf
14 Luke Evans Dyffryn Taf
15 Taylor Rees Dyffryn Taf
16 Steffan Evans Dyffryn Aman
17 Dafydd Saunders Dyffryn Aman
18 Tom Roach Dyffryn Aman
19 Rhys Williams Dyffryn Aman
20 Sion Knight Dyffryn Aman
21 Arwel Roberts Dyffryn Aman
22 Hayden Roberts Dyffryn Taf
23 Rhys Campbell Dyffryn Aman
24 No name given
25 James Oulsnam Dyffryn Aman
26 Levi Gape Dyffryn Aman
27 Matthew Coventry Dyffryn Taf
28 Rhys Tench Dyffryn Aman
29 Rhys Kelly Bro Dinefwr
30 Jack Moore Dyffryn Taf
31 Cameron Davies Dyffryn Aman
32 Harri Beckwith Bro Dinefwr


It has been another excellent competition at the 4 locations throughout the winter - congratulations to Dyffryn Aman - once again the school winners for the 8th successive year.

1 Dyffryn Aman 2535
FINAL Overall Scores 2015/16 2 Bro Dinefwr 2373
SGOR TERFYNOL 2015/16 3 Dyffryn Taf 2122
4 Bro Myrddin 1961
4 matches: Sept - March 5 Maes y Gwendraeth 1425
6 QE High 1085
7 Llandovery College 649




Year 7 Girls

Year 7 Boys

Daisy Thompson – Bro Myrddin 5 points

Jac Chapman – Dyffryn Aman 7 points

Phoebe Davis – Bro Dinefwr 7

Cian Williams – Dyffryn Aman 16

Kasia Cook – Llandovery College 12

Sion Evans – Dyffryn Aman 22

Year 8 Girls

Year 8 Boys

Maddie Morgan – Bro Myrddin 7 points

Iwan Glynn – Bro Myrddin 4 points

Kira Gallenders – Dyffryn Aman 13

Deian Morgan – Bro Myrddin 10

Ffion Jones – Dyffryn Aman 15

Bedwyr Thomas – Bro Myrddin 11

Year 9/10 Girls

Year 9/10 Boys

Non Morgan – Bro Dinefwr 4 points

Tomos Rees – Dyffryn Aman 9

Cerys Davies – Bro Myrddin 10

Guto Dafydd – Bro Myrddin 10

Lani Hogben – Dyffryn Taf 15

Nathaniel Harries – Dyffryn Aman 21