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Written by Nathan Jones   
Wednesday, 17 January 2018 07:37

Carmarthen Harriers is at a crossroads in development and here is a list and description of roles and responsibilities of committee members, where members and parents are needed to take on roles for the club to continue to strive.

Carmarthen Harriers is at a crossroads in development. After a lifetime of service to the club, Hedydd Davies MBE is stepping down from the role of chairman. In truth, he has been so much more than a chairman often working a 50 hour week to ensure the club thrives and athletes can compete successfully. We have all gained from his commitment with many of us being relieved of the work that is shared across many people in other sporting clubs.

The coming year requires a different approach if the club is to survive. As a result, the clubs executive committee has agreed the roles below as necessary to take the club forward. It fits neatly into the National club modernisation agenda with Welsh Athletics who are supporting us on through this change and we are confident that some administrative paid support will be available. However the club will only survive if you as members and parents agree to take on the roles below.

Please discuss with Jake Morgan directly if you wish to find out more or e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or phone/text on 07455 674647. We are all busy but this has to be a priority. The commitment is only for a year and support will be available so please don't be shy!

These roles will need to be agreed at the clubs Annual General meeting on the 7th of February so please contact Jake as soon as possible.



This is a list of job descriptions for committee roles at Carmarthen and District Harriers. The list is not exhaustive and members of the committee frequently take on other tasks as required. The job descriptions are intended to give an overview of the roles and responsibilities of committee members and should be reviewed regularly. Changes to job descriptions can only be agreed by a majority vote of the executive committee. No single member can hold more than one role from numbers one to 5.

Where a committee member takes on more than one role (from functions 6-13) they shall only get one vote at committee. There will be a maximum of one committee space that can be filled by a "committee member without portfolio". One member of the committee will also take on the role of vice chair and will function as the chairperson in the absence of the chair. A vice chair shall be elected from the remaining committee members.



The Chairperson:

- Chairs Carmarthen Harriers committee meetings, AGM and EGMs and has a casting vote on committee matters where there is a tied vote.

- Ensures that officer and committee member positions are filled according to the rules of the club constitution.

- Represents the club and promotes its values at various running events and meetings.

- Communicates the club ethos to members of the club, other organisations, and the general public.

- Builds relationships with other clubs and organisations.

- Provides leadership to the team on all aspects of the club from training to competition, fundraising and social activities.

- Leads the creation of club development / business plans.

- Ensures that the club is represented at the Welsh Athletics AGM, local and regional meetings.

- Is a signatory to the bank account.

- Prepares the Annual General Report with the support of the club secretary.

- Shall be the point of contact/line manager of any remunerated, employed or individual working for or on behalf of the club.

- Is the member of the club Executive Committee.



The Treasurer:

- Keeps the Carmarthen and District Harriers accounts up to date and accurate.

- Ensures collection of track payments / membership money and pays into bank in a timely manner.

- Issues cheques for membership, club affiliation payments.

- Gives a monthly account of funds income / expenditure at committee meetings.

- Issues receipts on receiving monies such as for fund raising events.

- Establishes the most effective system of payment and transaction management.

- Ensures an annual audit of accounts is completed.

- Is a member of the club Executive Committee.



The Club Secretary and Membership Officer:

- Administers club meetings including preparing the agenda for regular committee meetings; types-up and distributes to committee members.

- Prepares agenda and notice for AGM and distributes to members.

- Brings to committee and deals with correspondence from members, third parties and Welsh Athletics.

- Receives correspondence from members through website, brings to committee (if appropriate) and responds; assists members of the committee with correspondence as required.

- Holds historical records of previous meetings and the club constitution.

- Is a signatory to bank account.

- Enrols members onto the Welsh Athletics' portal system.

- Liaises with Treasurer on membership payments.

- Sends membership letters to new members.

- Sends membership with existing members.

- Maintains a list of current members.

- Renews club affiliation with Welsh Athletics on a yearly basis.

- Is a member of the club Executive Committee.


4 & 5. WELFARE OFFICERS (two roles - At least one to be female)

The Welfare Officers:

- Advise and support the Executive committee in the development and implementation of codes of conduct and procedures to follow for dealing with child protection concerns (under 18 year old), other welfare issues and disciplinary and grievance matters.

- Provide leadership in the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults within the club and acts as a key point of contact for anyone needing support or guidance.

- Respond to any formal concerns/complaints regarding club activities and formal concerns/complaints regarding child or vulnerable adult protection.

- Monitor club electronic communication sites to ensure appropriate language and standard are maintained.

- Ensure all coaches, officials and volunteers have completed DBS checks as required.

- Undertake appropriate training and ongoing updates in the role as set out by Welsh/UK Athletics and completes a DBS check.

- Maintain relationships with the Welsh Athletics Welfare Team at national and regional level.

- Is a member of the club Executive Committee.


6 & 7. COACH COORDINATORS (two roles - one run, one field)

The Coach Coordinators:

- Work with the coaching team to drive up coaching standards in the club and disseminate up to date technical knowledge and information from Welsh/UK Athletics.

- Assist coaches and leaders in the planning of sessions or part sessions.

- Coordinate coaching rotation of on-track/field sessions, ensure safe use and fair access to all.

- Work with the coaching team to identify, plan and evaluate the development needs of runners and educate athletes about all aspects of competition, whilst ensuring that all activities are appropriate for the age, maturity, experience and ability of the individual athlete; are appropriately qualified including obtaining DBS checks, keeping his/her coaching license and education updated as and when required by Welsh/UKA and adhere to the terms of the coaching license.

- Help promote knowledge within the coaching team across all event areas and possess a thorough understanding of long term athlete development, strength and conditioning, fundamental movement skills, psychology, nutrition and planning.

- Liaise with National Event Coach Leads and Club Development Officers.

- Represent the views of the club's coaches in committee meetings.

- Works with Team Manager Coordinator and other coaches to make recommendations for annual club awards.

- Are members of the club Executive Committee.



Communications tasks include:

- Keeping members up to date with the latest club news, including race results and members.

- Updating Facebook and helping with Twitter postings.

- Contacting press with reports from clubs events or achievements.

- Providing a point of contact for Welsh Athletics to use for Carmarthen Harriers organised races and events. Providing support and advice to the club and its committee on all aspects of IT and technology in order to improve efficiency, communications and operations of the club.

- Being responsible for maintaining the website including the content management system, keeping it fresh and up to date ensure the website should represent the ethos of a friendly, all-abilities running club and that showcases the club to an external audience managing and renewing the club web domain administrating the Carmarthen Harriers twitter account.

- Supporting the technical requirements of the committee member for communications in sending club announcements through our email system.

- Setting up and providing support to establish club email addresses and What's App groups.

- Helping support the running of the Carmarthen Harriers Facebook group, Establishing club paypal / electronic payment systems in conjunction with the club treasurer.

- Is a member of the club Executive Committee.



- Liaising with kit supplier (s) in respect of the purchasing of club merchandise.

- Maintaining and monitoring stock of existing club merchandise.

- Exploring options for new or improved kit and merchandise offers for members.

- Collecting monies and kit orders from members and sends orders to kit supplier(s).

- Collecting or receiving delivery of kit and equipment from supplier(s) and sort items for distribution to members.

- Co-ordinates the supply of equipment working closely with the coaches, ensuring best values.

- Is a member of the club Executive Committee.



Gate tasks include:

- Ensuring that attendees at track each Tuesday and Thursday are dealt with professionally.

- Planning and organising a rota of members to help manage the gate and payments on a Tuesday and Thursday.

- Providing new attendees with information about the session and the club.

- Ensuring that non-members are identified and their details logged.

- Ensuring that all runners attending track have paid the relevant fee.

- Assisting runners in identifying members of the coaching team or locating the correct group; providing the treasurer with track attendance figures and cash balances.

- Is a member of the Executive Committee.



Fundraising tasks include:

- Identifying appropriate fundraising and sponsorship opportunities to fund the club.

- Managing the process for identifying the club's chosen charities for the year.

- Overseeing and promoting fundraising activities including events and catering.

- Is a member of the club Executive Committee.



- To ensure the club has identified team managers to coordinate and manage teams across all age groups and events.

- Works with Coach co-ordinators to make recommendations for annual club awards.

- To ensure team managers are inducted and clear about their role.

- To ensure selection for events is done fairly and according to criteria.

- To Liaise with coaches and parents regarding athlete availability.

- Is a member of the club Executive Committee.



The Officials Co-ordinator will:

- Ensuring the club has sufficient officials to provide our contribution to events.

- Encouraging and supporting volunteers to train as qualified officials in particular timekeepers and starters.

- Ensuring there is sufficient equipment for officials to undertake the role (e.g stop watches and measuring) closely working with the equipment committee member.

- Co-ordinate the training and deployment of officials.

- Is a member of the club Executive Committee.



- To be an ambassador for the club.

- To positively promote the club locally and nationally with the governing body, sponsors and partners.


PAID ADMINISTRATOR (2.5 days a week - temporary) (Not a committee member)

Supporting the club and committee members in the following core areas:

- Maintenance of the website and communication systems.

- Supporting committee members ensuring the club registers members for competitions and with Welsh Athletics.

- Supporting committee members in invoicing and payment.

- Help organise and administer the events.

- Minute taking as required.

- Attending committees and events.

- Other administrative duties as required.