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Written by Nathan Jones   
Monday, 13 June 2016 12:13

Full Reports & Results from the Dyfed Secondary Schools Athletics Champs @ Carmarthen + news from the Welsh Senior Championships & from our Australian Visitors from Melbourne over the weekend (June 10-12)


Adroddiadau a Canlyniadau Llawn o Athletau Ysgolion Dyfed yng Nghaerfyrddin + newyddion o Bencampwriaeth Hyn Cymru ac ein ymwelwyr o Awstralia dros y penwythnos (Mehefin 10-12)



Dyfed Schools / Ysgolion Dyfed: 2016 Coverage


Friday & Saturday 10th & 11th June saw the big Dyfed Secondary Schools Athletics Championships come to Carmarthen Athletics track and attracted approximately 450 athletes and several hundred parents & teachers...

The top finishers in each event from the 4 area championships that were held in May @ Carmarthen, Llanelli & Haverfordwest qualified to compete and represent their area at the big Dyfed Secondary Schools Athletics championships at Carmarthen over the two-day weekend programme in a number of high quality fields on the track and in the field. Rain and heavy showers was forecasted for part of the day, however it stayed away and the sun made an appearance.

The action got underway on Friday evening where the first 6 events of the 2016 fixture was held ahead of the big day a few hours later - these included the long hurdles, 1000m Walk, 3000m along with the Pole Vault and Hammer on the field. The first Dyfed Schools records of the 2016 Dyfed Secondary Schools Athletics Championships was broken by all the following athletes (7 records in one evening!): Andrew Salmon (1000mW 5.00.4) Harry Worth (1000mW 6.09.4) Owain Nicholas (1000mW 4.57.1) Mollie Dainton (1000mW 5.16.2) Harry Davies (Hammer 35.30) Carys Jones (Pole Vault 3.45) and Abbie Williams (3000m 10.12.1)

For the schools athletes, parents and teachers, all roads from Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire led to the Carmarthen Leisure Centre in Johnstown early on Saturday morning where the first set of events began at 10.00am on the field with the first track hurdles heats a short time after. The races kept on coming, and after a series of heats - finals and straight finals, the competition came to a close at 18:00 at the end of a long eight-hour timetable.

Further records were broken throughout the afternoon from: Danielle Jones (Shot 11.51) Harry Davies (Discus 38.89) Lucy Davies (Steeplechase 5.16.2) Lili Church (High Jump 1.53) Gwen Dodd (Javelin 20.32) and Abbie Buxton (High Jump 1.65)

There were also good performances by all the Harriers members who for one day only were competing against each other rather than with another; and they are all listed below:

Year 7 Girls: Phoebe Davis (200 metres final 29.2, High Jump 1.35 metres) Ellie Loweth (200 metres final 30.7, Long Jump 3.70 metres) Daisy Thompson (800 metres 2.27.2) Sadie-May Mason (70 metres hurdles 12.7) Gwawr Davies (800 metres 2.46.7)

Year 7 Boys: Shon Jones (100 metres 14.1) Jac Chapman (800 metres 2.29.6) Dafydd Waters (75 metres hurdles final 14.3, 200 metres heat 30.4) Morgan Batten (1500 metres 5.40.6, Javelin 31.00 metres) Dafydd Jones (800 metres 2.33.6) Cai Ifans (Shot Put 9.10 metres, 200 metres final 30.0)

Junior Girls 2: Ffion Pugh (200 metres final 29.6) Ellie Tromans (200 metres final 29.0) Lili Church (75 metres hurdles 13.3, High Jump 1.73 metres, Javelin 21.56 metres) Hanna Lewis (75 metres hurdles 13.5, High Jump 1.40 metres, Javelin 18.32 metres) Maddie Morgan (1500 metres 5.25.6)

Junior Boys 2: Iwan Glynn (800 metres 2.11.9) Deian Morgan (800 metres 2.24.7) Bedwyr Thomas (300 metres 45.3) Ryan Thomas (High Jump 1.45 metres) Rhys Smith (Long Jump 3.93 metres)

Junior Girls 3: Olwen Batten (75 metres hurdles 13.3, Javelin 23.21 metres)

Junior Boys 3: Gareth Thompson (800 metres 2.15.4) Tomos Rees (1500 metres 4.40.0) Archi Morgan (1500 metres 4.46.4)

Middle Girls: Alicia Samuel (100 metres 12.9, Long Jump 5.02 metres) Non Morgan (800 metres 2.35.7, 1500 metres 5.31.5) Cerys Davies (800 metres 2.38.3) Elen Hawkins (800 metres 2.46.5) Ellie Kiff (3000 metres 11.10.6) Amelia Davey (1000 metres walk 5.42.6, High Jump 1.45 metres, Javelin 25.77 metres) Danielle Jones (Shot Put 11.51 metres, Discus 33.16 metres) Amy Evans (Javelin 31.21 metres)

Middle Boys: Trystan Leech (800 metres 2.19.2, 1500 metres steeplechase 5.16.7) Thomas Jones (1500 metres 4.22.1, 1500 metres steeplechase 4.40.2) Iestyn Williams (1500 metres 4.29.2) Callum Lovatt (1500 metres 4.51.5, 3000 metres 10.31.3) Haydn Davies (100m Hurdles 15.2) Ben Thomas (1500 metres steeplechase 4.38.6) Nicholas Jones (Hammer 27.86 metres, Shot Put 10.34 metres) Rhys Thomas (Hammer 20.98 metres) Joe Worrall (Shot Put 13.00 metres, Discus 45.42 metres)

Senior Girls: Amber Howell (800 metres 2.47.8) Carys Jones (Pole Vault 3.45 metres)

Senior Boys: Dwayne Griffiths (200 metres 25.0, 400 metres 54.0) Nikita Neary (200 metres 25.1) Aled Phillips (400 metres hurdles 63.7) Sam Bleach (Javelin 43.08 metres) Ryan Jenkins (1500 metres 4.22.0, 3000 metres 9.25.4) Sion Lewis (400 metres 60.8, 1500 metres 4.33.5, 3000 metres 9.52.7)


We are at the forefront of the sport in Wales and for that we can thank the talents of the pupils in the Dyfed schools, the commitment and skill of the teaching PE departments throughout the three counties and the support many receive from coaches in the athletics clubs. Our thanks go to all the officials, teachers and helpers who made sure that the event ran smoothly and on time, in front of and behind the scenes (some who worked tirelessly for 11 hours between 7.30-7 on Saturday) including: all area teachers judges on track, timekeeping, jumps and throws, Welsh Athletics officials (John Elward, David James, Andrew Jenkins,) St John Ambulance, Leisure Centre Staff and the Carmarthen Harriers parents on refreshments and administration duties. Also to a number of the Pembrokeshire Harriers members and officials who supported the event in any way (Peter Freeman, Huw Morgan, Louisa Davies, Karen Llywelyn). The meeting could not have gone ahead without these people.

The Dyfed team for the Welsh Schools Track and Field Championships to be held weekend on Saturday July 2nd in Cardiff, was chosen straight after the Dyfed Championships and letters have been posted to all athletes selected. All replies slips must be sent back straight away, as reserves can be called in if an athlete is unavailable.

For a copy of the full results please click the link below:

June 10 & 11 Dyfed Schools RESULTS 2016

Mehefin 10 a 11 Ysgolion Dyfed CANLYNIADAU 2016

Any results queries should be sent directly to the meeting results recorder/coordinator Nathan Jones at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



Brilliant Show from the Australian visitors from Melbourne to Carmarthen...

Once again this year, Carmarthen Harriers for the 14th year hosted a group of young athletes from Melbourne Australia who are on an eight week tour of Europe. The 4 athletes along with the 2 team managers arrived in South West Wales on Friday evening and after spending the weekend with our hosts, left Carmarthen Railway Station on Monday morning to continue with their tour. They did not attend any Dyfed Schools as in previous years. Carmarthen's visit every year is the highlight of the tour and were hosted this year by the athletes and parents of Gareth Thompson, Archi Morgan, Ifan Bowen and Deian Morgan.

The Aussies, having already competed as guest in the Louise Arthur match in Swansea the week before recording 45.56 in the 4 x 100m relay, once again got to show their talent in front of the big crowds at the Dyfed Champs in Carmarthen.

Very many thanks to all the host families for hosting our athletes from Melbourne. We hope that they had an excellent time with us during their short stay!

Isaac Irving 13


Tim Benton 15


Christian Mcfarland 14


Hamish Petherick 15


Neville Sillitoe Team Manager


Hamur Novello Manager

On behalf of the full Australian team, lead team manager Neville Sillitoe and his athletes once again thanked everybody within Dyfed Schools and Carmarthen Harriers for their warm welcome in 2016:

"Once again it has been a wonderful pleasure to be back visiting Carmarthen and to attend these great athletics meetings which has had a terrific response from athletes and officials. Our sincere thanks to all the host families and everyone at Carmarthen Harriers Athletics Club who has helped and looked after us over the last few days. We wish everyone in Carmarthen, Dyfed and Welsh Athletics a successful reminder of the season."



Welsh Senior Championships

Cardiff hosted the Welsh Senior Championships which incorporated some Under 17 events: results from Harriers members

Celyn Williams (Under 17 Women 300 metres bronze 41.34) Zak Daly (Under 17 Men 400 metres 54.08) Glen Elsdon (110 metres hurdles gold 15.31) Aled Price (Long Jump bronze 6.71 metres) Carys Jones (Pole Vault gold 3.30), Ashraf Liles (SM 1500 metres 4.12.49)